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This generation is expected to have the highest rate of depression than any other generation. Anxiety, suicide, drug use, violence, and stress are at an all-time high. Consequently, student learning may be impeded. These indicators of stress affect youth of all ages. These problems take a toll, not only on students, but on teachers and administrators as well.   


In light of the struggles facing youth today, the Inner Knowledge Program was created in order to teach kids how to respond vs react.

This program is a comprehensive, simple program that educators will be trained and certified in, to have the knowledge, skills, and tools to enhance students’ physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. 

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Educators will be taught how to make this program a part of their every-day teaching, language, and culture of the classrooms. This program is geared toward students PK-12, and the training is appropriate for all educators, counselors and administrators.

“The transformation of humanity comes through the transformation of the youth”.


Breath Work

Educators will learn specific breathing exercises, along with how, why, and when to use them. Proper breathing can help balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, giving students the ability to respond vs react.


Educators will become proficient in teaching yoga-based movements and different ways to implement them in the classrooms (at desks, standing, etc). These movements help release physical and emotional stress within the body. 


Educators will be provided specific lesson plans to enhance students’ social and emotional wellness. Educators will also be trained on specific methods to help with behavioral issues and teach students to self regulate.


Educators will learn specific relaxation techniques, along with how, why, and when to use them. The practice of relaxation can help reduce anxiety, increase blood flow, and improve cognitive function.


Educators will learn specific mindfulness techniques which will allow students to quiet their minds, and be engaged in the present moment.

Classroom Environment

Educators will be provided information on how to enhance the classroom environment to make it more conducive for optimal learning. 


Banneker Elementary worked with Gretchen Robinson and Mariah Bailey and began the introduction to mindfulness. We trained 4 teachers (PE, Counselor, 4th grade Teacher, and After School staff.) While doing the first Yoga Movement Sequence, the students are asked how they feel afterwards. Students are opening up, sharing their feelings and starting to practice on their own. The breathing exercise has helped with many situations with behavior and calming students down. Our counselor is using the STOP method when working with students and she has seen improvement in many stressful situations.

We are working on training more of our staff and sharing ideas. Our students have benefited from the program and we want to expand it to include the entire school staff. We see a big difference in the students when we do relaxation time at the end of PE and they do much better leaving class to transfer to their classrooms. We can't say enough to express our pleasure in the growth of our students with this program. 

CARRI KING / Physical Education

I cannot recommend the Inner Knowledge Program enough. It was such a privilege spending the week with Gretchen and Mariah learning how to incorporate yoga and mindfulness in my classroom. The program was very well organized and each day I walked away with concrete strategies that I could implement in my classroom immediately, which is one of the most valuable things to me as an educator.

The things I learned in this program have absolutely transformed my Kindergarten classroom and even myself as a teacher. My students are able to self-regulate using mindfulness practices, they are more aware of their bodies and space because of our yoga-based movements, and I have seen such a difference in how they interact with each other and the world around them. I cannot say enough about how valuable this program is.

HALEY PATTON / Kindergarten Teacher

Bringing mindfulness practices into my classroom has been very beneficial. My students have become more aware of their emotions and how they feel, and now have strategies to cope with stress throughout their day.

Since starting the program, I have witnessed my students handle moments of anxiety better by themselves and help each other through trying times. When I see them supporting each other, makes me feel like my classroom of students care about each other and feel comfortable enough to help each other through personal times.

KOURTNEY WILLIAMS / 4th Grade Teacher

I just wanted to give a shout out to the ladies doing Yoga with the kids. Anthony was a mess all day just having so much trouble regulating. We took breaks, naps, still just having a hard day. He was ready to meltdown when I sent him to PE but when I picked him up he ran to me smiling and just said “I feel SO much better!” and the rest of his afternoon was so much better. It was so wonderful to see what a great effect it had on him!

Rebecca Hake / Self Contained Classroom Teacher


30-Hour Training

Educators will receive extensive training over the course of five days.


Educators will receive a certificate indicating their completion of the Inner Knowledge Mindfulness Program


Contact Inner Knowledge for more information.

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