Meet the Inner Knowledge Team

Gretchen Robinson


Gretchen is the owner of Mark Blanchard’s yoga studio and has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for 18 years. She has worked and traveled over the past two decades, studying with top teachers from around the world.

Along with teaching yoga, philosophy, and mindfulness in the studio, she has worked with kids of all ages in schools and detention centers, witnessing first-hand the many stressors they face today, no matter their age or economic background, and the lack of tools available for them to respond, not react.

After spending significant time in the schools with children and the educators, she and her business partner, Mariah Bailey, created Inner Knowledge originally as a certification program for educators, adminstrative staff and professionals throughout the Kansas City area, and continues to expand it.

Her passion is to serve and help humanity, strongly believing that the most impactful change of our generation will come through transforming youth.

Mariah Bailey


Mariah has long believed in the connection of mind and body. 13 years ago, she began practicing yogic concepts like meditation and breathing work as a collegiate athlete, and immediately noticed an improvement in her athletic performance. Most importantly, it helped her more successfully navigate and deal with pressures to perform, as well as overcoming struggles with self-worth and body image.

Following her collegiate career, she spent six years coaching children from ages 6 to 18 and closely witnessed the ramifications that stress, behavioral and performance pressures have on children. This inspired her to pursue working with Gretchen in the education system to implement a mindfulness-based course certification in Kansas City schools. Additionally, drawing upon her collegiate experience, she has begun incorporating the Inner Knowledge program with coaches, mentors and staff for their athletes and teams.

Mariah’s passion is to share and provide others with the same tools that she benefited from using to overcome challenges throughout her life and career.

NaRon Tillman


Growing up in New York City housing authority, NaRon Tillman found himself always helping others as he coached sports and taught vocals, where he first made the connection between breath, movement, and sound. As a yoga and mindfulness teacher, he now uses the concepts of breathing and movement to transform the mind from a negative bias to a positive one.


NaRon now teaches yoga and mindfulness in marginalized schools in NYC. He also teaches these same concepts to individuals, and corporations, to help individuals/employees to relieve stress and enhance mental and physical well-being.


NaRon is a part of the Contemplative Alliance and has contributed to many mindful meditation forums. He currently sits on the board of Breathe, Move, Rest, serves as Director of Inner Knowledge, and is responsible for putting yoga in dozens of schools though out NYC.

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