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Our jobs pay the bills, occupy many of our waking hours, and can even give our lives meaning. They can also be a source of significant stress: tight deadlines, long days and difficult conversations.


Inner Work is a program that incorporates mindfulness, yoga, and breath work as tools to help employees deal with stresses. This program can be implemented in different ways to fit the needs of any corporation or organization. Examples of this implementation are included but not limited to;

  • Train employees on movement and breath work that can be done at their desk/in an office to alleviate physical and mental stress.

  • Bring an Inner Work team member for staff meeting/team building days.

  • Train a staff member(s) to lead the Inner Work program within your corporation/organization.

Contact us to discuss ways to implement this program for your corporation/organization.

Gretchen and Mariah lead a wonderful session for our all staff meeting with over 150 people.  They designed a short program that was accessible for all, and provided insights into how taking a few minutes for stretching and breathing can benefit many aspects of our lives. Several months later many team members still keep a printout of the stretches at their desks to complete on their own.

David Spizman, Children's Hospital Association 

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